Working With Us

Working With Us

Building projects can seem complex and overwhelming at first. We have a process to help ensure a positive outcome. Developers and commercial or institutional clients should email to set up a time to meet and we can look at whether better design can make you money or improve your brand reputation or both. Residential clients should follow these steps:

Step One: Download our free guide '7 Mistakes People Make During A Home Building Project '.
At first you must familiarize yourself with what the common mistakes are so you can avoid them.

Step Two: Use our 'Project Planning Pack' to help collect your ideas before meeting with an architect.
You need to gather all the material your architect needs in order to analyze your project and provide you with a realistic report on what is involved from start to finish. Go to the 'contact' section of our website to request this crucial free guide. Fill in your email, information, and ask for it.

Step Three: Book a 'Personal Planning Report' to discuss your ideas with our specialized team of experts and get a road map to success in report form.
This report lays out realistic budget, timeline, submittals, consultants, etc. so that you understand what the whole process will look like and what is expected of you and us. We charge a fee for this as we put in some time in order to complete the report. Contact us to request this report. Before you go spending money on design work it's important to take this first step to examine the feasibility of your project.

Step Four: Design Phase. If your report indicates to you that your project makes sense to go forward with then you would sign a contract with us and begin the design phase.
Congratulations! Your project would have received the green light by you and we can agree to begin designing your wonderful place. This phase will take a few months more or less depending on your ability to make decisions in a timely fashion. During this phase we draw up a site plan showing the layout of your project on your property (and how we probably just increased the value of this property significantly beyond what you pay for work we draw); we draw floor plans, elevations (the sides of the building), and a section (cutting through the building sideways like a cake to show some structure and spaces inside); for an additional fee we would build a model physical or virtual to give you a better idea of what your building looks like. We also do a quick cost estimate based on square footage and materials potentially used. If this estimate is over your budget we would do one redesign to be sure to be on target and you can then decide whether you feel comfortable building this design. (All design work is property of architect and cannot be taken to another architect or builder for use- standard practice in the industry)

You would sign off at the end of the Design Phase agreeing to the design and budget allowing us to begin creating the documents necessary for it's construction.
Step Five: Design Development Phase.
With an approved design we create drawings and outline descriptions of the materials used showing structural systems and construction systems used to build walls, floors, roofs; also all of the various heating, plumbing, electrical, ventilation, etc. systems in order to involve consultants and understand the complete construction methods.

Step Six: Building Permit Construction Documents Phase.
We finish the drawings by completing them down to the last detail showing how pieces of the roof flashing are to be installed in order to submit for a building permit in order for a contractor to provide a price and construction timeline for your approval.

Step Seven: Construction Administration.
We assist you in picking out a builder and we follow the construction of your building from start to finish visiting once a month or more in order to be sure construction is done according to the drawings agreed upon by you and the contractor.

Step Eight: Move in!
Yeah!! Time to let all the light and space lift the spirits and happiness of you and your family so those precious life moments can take place in comfort and peace.